daydream believers

Ongoing Collaboration with AmazeRealise, Whitespace, Skyscanner & Campfire Agencies

The Daydream Believers project was started by Edinburgh College students to engage school pupils and spread awareness of the jobs available within the creative industries. Although we still do that, the project has grown to be much more. 

I first became involved in 2017 as a College Ambassador. Five other Ambassadors and I delivered the program to schools across Edinburgh and the Lothians. These sessions aimed to encourage creativity and show the opportunities available within the industry. 

In late 2017, we started to expand the program and develop it further to encourage creative thinking across all subjects, science and art in the wake of the 4th industrial revolution (British Interactive Media Assoc, BIMA article). A staggering 60% of students today will work in jobs that do not yet exist and 40% of jobs we know today will disappear - in all of this one of the most prized skills to possess for the future is creativity.

This program has gained the support of educators and industry professionals alike. It has even gained recognition as SQA Best Practice. Working with agencies such as Whitespace, AmazeRealise, Skyscanner and Campfire has been amazing and their support has been invaluable. 

This summer (2018) I worked closely with AmazeRealise agency to develop a pilot program in preparation for making this program available to schools across Scotland. See what we got up to in an article by Creative Director Gordon Carmichael here.