TEDxYouth Glasgow

The past year as been such a whirlwind, from deciding to go back to college, to getting involved with the Daydream Believers Project. It has been incredibly exciting! As one of the college ambassadors involved in the Daydream Believers, myself and 4 others have been to schools around Edinburgh to get the pupils to think differently about art & design. Since then the project has gained such momentum that it has evolved into a means to teach creative thinking across the subjects, sciences and arts. September 2018, sees the first of our pilot programs which bridges the gap between schools and employers. 

Along the way I have been privileged enough to work with some of biggest design agencies in Edinburgh and some of the most dedicated and inspiring people in the industry. Inspired by their encouragement, support and dedication to giving back, I decided to apply to speak at TEDxYouth Glasgow. The event ties in with the celebration of the Year of Young People.  Little did I know, I would get selected as one of the 10 speakers! 

Since that first email it has been a roller coaster of punctuated by moments of fear and excitement! It is only 5 weeks before I stand in the Armadillo in Glasgow to speak !!! 

Stay tuned for updates and minor panic attacks ;)

Natalie Loh