That moment when you get featured on the BIMA website!

The past two weeks have been AMAZING!!! As part of my college course, I got involved the Daydream Believers Project, where working with industry partners (Whitespace, Amazerealise, Skyscanner and Campfire agencies) we aim to not only lessen the gap between industry and schools but also promote creative thinking across the subjects. 

While at a meeting regarding the project, I met Anna Doyle from BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) and had a chat to her about my TEDxYouth journey so far. As a result of which they've featured me on the BIMA website!!

Two things that I thought would never happen, have happened. This! And in a month I will be on the biggest stage I have ever been on , being the most scared I have ever been having to public speak! 



Natalie Loh