Nine Explorations

Exploring number nine

Individual Project

This brief was designed to allow for creative freedom using the number 9 as a jumping off point. I allowed myself to experiment with textures, materials and media with the only deliverable being an A2 poster. The process was liberating but also quite daunting as the brief was so open. I took inspiration from Chinese numerology and symbols to create a word mark which is a fusion of English and Chinese characters.



Researching the history or the number and it’s numerological meaning in different cultures was very interesting. Growing up in a Chinese culture, each number had a superstitious meaning - the number 9 was associated with royalty and longevity. This theme lead me to look into an area of Hong Kong called Kowloon, roughly translated as Nine (kow) Loon (dragon). I was particularly taken by the graphic design influences in Hong Kong and the sheer density of neon signage in the city.

I explored traditional Chinese calligraphy and the dying art of hand painted signs in Hong Kong. These were traditionally painted in a typeface called BeiWei which is becoming more and more scarce in the digital world. I decided to attempt to create my own word mark starting off screen. In order to keep the fluidity of calligraphy I retained the more organic feel of the ‘digital Illustrator sketch’ rather than perfecting the lines which I felt took the character away. I experimented fusing Chinese and Western typefaces executed in a variety of media. On reflection I would have liked to have done the neon signage in red as opposed to blue.

Artboard 1 copy 2.png
Natural Paper Printed Logo MockUp1.jpg