Copy of Retreat - HM101 - Info


Individual Project

Creating a campaign to promote an exhibition on the subject of punctuation which would work across a range of media. Codeswitch is a concept exhibition on the way punctuation affects our daily communications. It explores how we change the way we use punctuation depending on the context and way we are communicating. Language and punctuation has evolved and continues to change along with the ways in which we communicate. This exhibition aims to highlight the importance of punctuation or lack there of in communication today.



Punctuation sets the tone for a conversation and misusing it can cause serious miscommunication. The title of the exhibition is based around a linguists term meaning 'to change how we communicate depending on the medium through which we communicate'. The logo celebrate the most commonly used form of punctuation the full-stop. In the posters I played with the overtones and layers of conversation visualised using layers of colour and imagery. I played with using contrasting expressions in order to reflect the potential for misunderstanding between parties, especially when the majority of communication today is through short digital messages where the nuances of facial expression are absent.  The concept of communication and human interaction continues with touch reactive visuals which invite the user to touch the full stop which then activates the animation. Through the changing punctuation in the sentence, the reader finds him or herself changing the way he or she read the same sentence. The audience interaction continues outwith the exhibition in the form of an app allowing users to capture and overlap selfies with different expression with a caption expressing different situations and how they feel for example conflicted or confused.