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Action On Hearing Loss - My Vibe

Individual Project

Brief set by Action on Hearing Loss Charity to visualise hearing loss. This project explores the medium sound and it's visual representations. The campaign celebrates the tenacity of the human spirit while spreading awareness about hearing loss in a positive tone. The deliverables and message could take any form, as long as they were applicable across multiple platforms. 



In this brief, I was inspired by sound itself, the forms it takes and how it can be visualised. I explored ways in which the hearing and hearing impaired could connect through the sense of touch and sight. The result is a infomercial that would take advantage of 4D cinema technology by sending vibrations which corresponded to the music through the seats. As the video plays, the vibrations get stronger while the sound becomes softer until it becomes inaudible. The environment of a cinema is used as a metaphor for the trapped sensation a person who suffers from hearing loss experiences. Despite the severity of the condition, this campaign celebrates the human spirit and it's ability to overcome, reflecting the positivity and strength of the charity's brand identity. 

This video would work on television, cinema and screen grabs taken from it could be used on posters. A social media campaign #myvibe consists of an app allowing users to record and turn their voices into digital wave forms as well as giving them ability to send vibratory Morse code messages (which were also translated into and from text format). 


Music Sample from : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROW6e69U128

Credit and thanks to dancer Joaninha Moszyk